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  • On flying remote-controlled vehicles

    By Jonathan Kozlowski - Friday April 5, 2013
    I thought about beginning this week's entry pointing out the semantic difference between "drone" and "unmanned aerial vehicle." Half-way through I hit the probably the same road block many others do when trying to organize this seemingly binary topic...
  • Arm-chair inventions

    By Jonathan Kozlowski - Friday March 29, 2013
    This news piece got me thinking (the typical joke here is "Scary!"). The headline, " D.C. Police Cruiser Stolen After Keys Left Inside" is pretty much what happened, but I'll provide a short synopsis:  Responding to a 911 call, an officer left...
  • From the nephew of Invention: Innovation

    By Jonathan Kozlowski - Friday March 22, 2013
    The latest issue of Law Enforcement Product News, still warm from the printers, recently flopped on my desk. Highlights of the edition are products for your vehicle and your training (not combined, however a few do make that crossover - EasyDrift...
  • Not all bullets can go to Silicone Heaven, these can

    By Jonathan Kozlowski - Friday March 15, 2013
    This being only my second entry into the world they call the “blog-o-sphere,” let me add to my introduction. Combining editor to someone like myself creates a very unique geek. This type of geek enjoys the science behind … everything. While also...
  • Cruising the Streets

    By Jonathan Kozlowski - Wednesday March 13, 2013
    As posted on the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund webpage, traffic-related accident deaths are DOWN 38 percent from the beginning of the year (comparing February 20, 2013 to the same date in 2012). Many of the following products are...
  • Help! I've got a new product in my eye!

    By Jonathan Kozlowski - Friday March 8, 2013
    Without having much - any - martial art training, from what I understand of the Judo art form is one person deflects the kinetic energy from an aggressor. While that's probably an extremely simplistic definition, it does bring up something I've pondered...
  • Trendy trends

    By Jonathan Kozlowski - Sunday August 5, 2012
    Hello, As one of the Editors of sister magazines, Law Enforcement Product News and Law Enforcement Technology , I come across a great number of new products. This comes with the territory – my inbox is basically a collection of what...
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