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  • Thank You, Veterans

    By Frank Borelli - Monday November 11, 2013
    I've had the blessing of traveling around the country to speak at various events or make presentations at the request of a given organization.  Several times I've performed a very informal experiment by asking a few questions:  How many people in the...
  • Color Me Confused

    By Frank Borelli - Thursday October 10, 2013
    In a recent news article we see where folks are questioning how Senator Dianne Feinstein managed to get a collection of weapons, restricted by law from being possessed in Washington DC, into the Capital Building to use as props during a presentation she...
  • Snake Oil Salesman Abound

    By Frank Borelli - Wednesday October 2, 2013
    I just finished editing and posting an article titled “Vet Instructor Credentials” written by one of our monthly columnists, Kevin Davis.  No, it’s not an article about the instructor credentials of veterans; it’s an article about the need to...
  • Courteous Criminals Preferred

    By Frank Borelli - Friday September 20, 2013
    - Dear "panhandling" dude in the convenience store parking lot: Next time you approach someone to get some money I'd recommend using such terms as, "Please..." or "Can you spare..." You'd probably be more successful than you were with, "Give me your...
  • September 11th 12 Years Later

    By Frank Borelli - Wednesday September 11, 2013
    It seems, as each year passes, like we have more tragedy to remember and more lost Americans to memorialize.  Like most of us, I can clearly remember where I was, what I was doing and how events unfolded that late summer / early fall morning of September...
  • Industry Insights: Leadership Impact

    - Friday September 6, 2013
    Every one of us has our “niche.”  We each have that area of expertise that we’ve excelled in either due to a personal interest or because the requirements of our job assignment motivated us along.  No matter the reason, as first stated, every...
  • Drones In The News… Again

    By Frank Borelli - Wednesday August 7, 2013
    A few months back I noticed that drones used by domestic law enforcement agencies were filling the headlines.  By and large, the mainstream media was using pictures of military drones used in theaters of combat but accompanying those pictures with...
  • Law Enforcement Militarization

    By Frank Borelli - Friday August 2, 2013
    Last week I got an email asking me my opinion about the militarization of law enforcement today.  Then a few days ago I saw an article in the Wall Street Journal about the same topic.  It seems that some people are concerned about the creation of a...
  • Defensive Tactics Training Poll

    By Frank Borelli - Monday July 22, 2013
    Well, isn’t this disturbing – and yet possibly not.  We’ve been running a poll on the homepage of  The question is: How often do you train in Defensive Tactics?  As of today we’ve gotten 100 answers and while that’s not a...
  • The Human Problem?

    By Frank Borelli - Tuesday July 9, 2013
    This morning as I was editing and posting content for the site it dawned on me that, as I edit, I often leave grammar and punctuation mistakes uncorrected.  Sure, there are times that I correct the mistakes; after all, that’s part of my job...
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