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  • Wasted vs. Spent

    By Frank Borelli - Wednesday November 5, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief I pride myself on the fact that no matter what I’m reading I try to learn something. Is that an arrogant statement to make? Maybe… but recently I was reading a book I certainly didn’t...
  • Your First Answer

    By Frank Borelli - Monday November 3, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief Just recently on our forums someone posted a video of an event that happened in the course of a law enforcement officer's duties. The event itself was interesting but the person posting it saw fit ONLY to...
  • Happy Halloween

    By Frank Borelli - Thursday October 30, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief How does your agency handle special patrols or the unique problems associated with Halloween? My experience with this has been a bit spread out and I was wondering if there have been any significant changes...
  • The Master & The Apprentice

    By Frank Borelli - Sunday October 26, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief A few years ago I created (because I was bored and thought it sounded like a really good idea) a new awards program for police officers. The program mandated highter-than-usual skill levels and, most...
  • Your Guns & Our Polls

    By Frank Borelli - Sunday October 19, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief So, as a firearms and officer survival instructor for the past almost 15 years, I've often found it interesting to discuss various outlooks on weapon preference, caliber, capacity and off-duty carry issues...
  • Mix & Match Politicians Poll Results

    By Frank Borelli - Sunday October 12, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief In last week's blog I put forth a short discussion about how this presidential election seems to be taking some odd twists and turns. I also put forth the idea that if the presidential candidates switched...
  • Mix & Match Politicians

    By Frank Borelli - Sunday October 5, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief Just the other day I was involved in a conversation with a woman who comes from a distinctly different background than mine. The fact that I'm a caucasian male and she's a woman of African-American descent...
  • Rice Bowl Thinking Needs To End

    By Frank Borelli - Thursday October 2, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief In a recent “Letter From The Editor†that I read the topic of how law enforcement should plan to handle looming challenges was addressed. Several suggestions were made on how to prepare and one of...
  • Caliber Comfort

    By Frank Borelli - Thursday September 25, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief I have long said that the selection of a handgun (or long gun for that matter) is an intensely personal choice. Not only does the weapon have to be one that the owner has faith in, it has to be one the...
  • The Philadelphia Subway Incident

    By Frank Borelli - Wednesday September 17, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief On Thursday, September 4th, 2008, a hammer-wielding man, in the presence of his six-year-old son, attacked a rider on the Philadelphia subway system – apparently at random. This wasn’t news on...
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