Officer Hotlist Recap: Second Week of June

Without a constant feed of newsletters and diligent tradeshow attendance, it can be a challenge to keep up with the law enforcement industry. New products are announced almost every day. Equipment are under constant review. Departments and Sheriff Offices around the country vet and select solutions worthy of their budget.

The Officer Hotlist Recap reviews the past week with a shortlist of the latest articles, announcements and updates on (Wednesday, June 4 to Tuesday, June 10).

Purchases, Announcements & News

Vertx® Apparel announces the addition of female Competitive Tactical Precision Rifle Shooter, Co-Host of Trigger Time TV and tactical writer, Melissa Gilliland, to the Vertx Pro Staff team. Well known for competing in Tactical Precision Rifle Shooting competitions, Gilliland tried her hand at competitive shooting in 2012 with husband 1SG, former ranger and record-holding Army Sniper, Jim Gilliland at the PTS Team match in Cookeville, Tennessee. In the past two years, The Second Amendment advocate, mother of four children and U.S. Military supporter has made quite the name for herself, having acquired over 245,000 Facebook likes by top shooting industry professionals. Never one to slow down, Gilliland also works closely in the firearms industry, working as a contributing writer for Personal and Family Defense Centers on America,, SureShots Magazine, and most recently 
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Through a program called hi HealthInnovations (part of UnitedHealth Group), the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO), and their spouses, have access to high-quality digital hearing aids for as little as $749 to $949 each (compared to some hearing aids that retail for as much as $4,000 each). 
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SceneDoc Inc. announced the implementation of their leading edge field documentation software, SceneDoc, at The Rockbridge County Office of Emergency Management in Rockbridge County, Virginia. Rockbridge County will leverage the power inherent in the SceneDoc Platform to enable public safety personnel across all county and participating municipal agencies to document the rapidly changing situations occurring during emergency events. 
"Rockbridge County Office of Emergency Management Selects SceneDoc Mobile Platform to Unify Communications

SceneDoc Inc. announced the implementation of their leading edge field documentation software, SceneDoc, at The Lincoln University Police Department in Missouri. 
"University Police Department Selects SceneDoc Mobile Software to Fight Crime
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Streamlight, Inc. has renewed its sponsorship of Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) for the 15th year in a row. In addition to sponsorship support, Streamlight donated proceeds from sales of its Blue Nano Light.  Streamlight earmarks $1.00 from the sale of each specially marked keychain light to C.O.P.S. “Streamlight began sponsoring C.O.P.S out of a deep commitment to the law enforcement community,” said Streamlight Chief Executive Officer Ray Sharrah.  “Because so many law enforcement professionals put their trust in our products in the line of duty, we wanted to give something back to the profession.  Supporting C.O.P.S seemed like a great way to do it, because the need was so great. As C.O.P.S. marks its 30th anniversary, Streamlight salutes the organization’s invaluable work in helping the families and colleagues of fallen officers rebuild their lives.” 
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Vigilant Solutions announces that its commercial license plate reader (LPR) data provided an investigative lead into a serial rape cold case dating back over four years.  The details of the case have been obscured at the request of the agency and due to the ongoing legal process. "With this new information, I ran a query in Vigilant Solutions’ LEARN software against its national LPR database consisting of data that Vigilant collects through its commercial operation, and also of data collected and shared by law enforcement agencies.  I located multiple historical scans that showed not only the vehicle color, but also the same distinctive characteristics that appeared in the security video." 
"Serial Rape Investigation Brought to Closure Using 4-Year-Old License Plate Reader Data
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Training Video: Experts say a new series of videos can help train police officers to better handle situations involving dogs. 
"Police and Dog Encounters Training Videos"

New Product Launches & Updates

CyanLine, a leader in computer forensics and network security solutions, has announced that its Fast Disk Acquisition System (FDAS) significantly decreases the time and complexity of e-discovery workflow processes. FDAS is a single unit that eliminates the need for write-blockers and often dozens of separate disk drives used to gather evidence at e-discovery sites. FDAS is used to duplicate disk evidence into separate evidence directories on its single unit. 
"CyanLine Making e-Discovery Less Painful With Introduction Of Its Fast Disk Acquisition System (FDAS)
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PublicEngines announced the development of a prototype application for Google Glass that uses the crime prediction data from their popular CommandCentral Predictive product to feed information directly to officers in the field. 
"Is Fighting Crime the Killer App for Google Glass™?
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Range Systems introduces their newest complete line of steel targets called Dura-Steel. The new targets are manufactured from 3/8” AR500 steel capable of handling calibers of up to .762 at 100 yards. Dura-Steel targets are offered in 5 different target head silhouettes including: E-Target, M9, IPSC, 2/3 IPSC and Q-Target and contain no welds which weaken steel. 
"Range Systems™ Introduces Dura-Steel Targets
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SoleMate FPX is a new and improved system that combines an extensive footwear reference database with a streamlined search interface to make the identification of crime scene shoe prints faster, easier and more affordable than ever. Using a simple technique of selecting shapes, text and logos to represent a suspect print, users are able to search against a database of over 31,000 individual footwear records to quickly and easily identify the shoe, boot or trainer capable of producing the suspect mark. 
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The new rechargeable SureFire Maximus Vision variable-output headlamp features a high-efficiency white-light LED that delivers 450 maximum lumens of warm, yellow-hued light — similar to the light produced by incandescent tungsten lamps. The SureFire Maximus Vision is nearly identical to the original SureFire Maximus, except for its warm-colored light and its slightly lower maximum output. 
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Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) introduced ARC4, the most advanced, wearable augmented reality (AR) software available. ARC4 is a transformative technology that re-defines true augmented reality. Developed over six years with substantial investment from DARPA’s ULTRA-Visprogram and ARA, ARC4 will usher in an exciting new era of information display and consumption. 
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