Officer Hotlist Recap: Second Week of April

Without a constant feed of newsletters and diligent tradeshow attendance, it can be a challenge to keep up with the law enforcement industry. New products are announced almost every day. Equipment are under constant review. Departments and Sheriff Offices around the country vet and select solutions worthy of their budget.

The Officer Hotlist Recap reviews the past week with a shortlist of the latest articles, announcements and updates on (Wednesday, April 9 to Tuesday the 15th).

Articles, Reviews & Insights

Perhaps the most popular, or at least most well-known, .380ACP handgun is/was James Bond’s Walther PPK. The Walther PP (Polizeipistole or police pistol) was first produced in 1929 and has been in service, in some way, shape or form, ever since.
.380ACP Guns For CCW
By Frank Borelli, Editorial Director

New armored units shield responders, travel tough terrain and get survivors out of harm’s way
The SWAT vehicle evolves
By Sara Scullin, Editor

Law enforcement officers are joining the ranks of hobbyists who build their own carbines. For law enforcement professionals, this is more than a hobby—it's a job skill. The benefit is even more important: If I can build one, I can be proactive with routine maintenance and I can troubleshoot problems, even before they emerge.
Building an AR-15
By Lindsey Bertomen

Traditional policing meets information-based systems
St. Louis leads the way
By Michelle Perin

If visual data is 4/5 of our decision making process and seeing is 1/3 of shooting accurately, I think it’s safe to say that protecting our vision and enhancing it in any way while in a potential conflict are both good things. Enter the Oakley Prizm.
Oakley Prizm Protective Eyewear
By Frank Borelli, Editorial Director
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Purchases & Announcements

VITEK Industrial Video Products' On Cue Universal HD-SDI recorder took home Best in Show honors for Personnel, Loss Prevention and Asset Tracking Solutions.
VITEK Wins Best In Show at ISC WEST 2014
More from Vitek Industrial Video Products

Nuix, a technology company that frees the intelligence trapped inside unstructured big data, today announced its philanthropic product Proof Finder has reached a new milestone, raising $150,000 for Room to Read. Room to Read is a global non-profit organization transforming the lives of children across Asia and Africa by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education.
Nuix Reaches $150,000 Milestone to Help Children in Asia and Africa through Room to Read
More from NUIX

License plate readers are under siege nationwide, thanks to a well-funded, well-coordinated campaign launched by civil liberties groups seeking to take advantage of the growing national debate over surveillance. Most of the laws that have been introduced in statehouses around the country pose at least some threat to this critical technology, but not all threats are created equal.
The Ugly, Uglier and the Ugliest of Anti-LPR Legislation
More from Vigilant Solutions

New FBI technology -- including a sharper fingerprint identification system -- is helping police resolve cold cases, such as the 1997 slaying of a teenage runaway from the northwest suburbs whose alleged killer was charged with the crime just last week.
FBI Fingerprint Technology Helps Solve Cold Case
Source: Lisa Black, Chicago Tribune

Police officers across the nation love the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, and the Illinois State Police are no exception.
The cars, a souped-up version of the Crown Victoria sedan, once numbered more than 80 percent of the squad cars on the road nationwide. And even though Ford stopped making the Crown Vic in 2011, nearly two-thirds of the present state police fleet are Crown Vics.
Crown Vic Police Cruisers Remain Popular
Source: Andy Grimm, Chicago Tribune

Law Enforcement agencies looking to protect their officers and K-9 partners can find a variety of Armor Express body armor and a full list of other equipment at CMC Government Supply.
CMC Government Supply Adds Armor Express Body Armor and Ballistic Protection Gear
More from CMC Government Supply

New Product Launches & Updates

Released in partnership with MAV Systems Ltd, the Autoscope Pn-120 uses high-grade zoom camera technology as part of an even more comprehensive range of LPR solutions for Image Sensing Systems' customers.
Image Sensing Systems Announces the Release of New Mobile LPR Camera and Partnership With MAV Systems
Read more of the Autoscope Pn-120 from Image Sensing Systems

Streamlight Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting and weapon light/laser sighting devices, introduced a rechargeable version of its versatile ClipMate, the ClipMate USB. The super-bright, multi-function clip-on light includes a built-in USB charge tab for convenient, cordless recharging. 
Read more of the ClipMate USB from Streamlight

Centerfire ammunition
SIG SAUER Inc. introduced its Elite Performance Ammunition line – the company’s first-ever line of premium centerfire pistol ammunition. Designed specifically for personal defense, SIG SAUER Elite Performance Ammunition features a proprietary stacked hollow point bullet – the SIG V-Crown Jacketed Hollow Point – for reliable expansion, round after round.
Read more on the Elite Performance Centerfire Pistol Ammunition from Sig Sauer

See 16 feet up
The Telescopic Pole is expandable from three (3) feet to ten (10) feet. It allows a 6’ human to have a viewing position 16' above the ground. A chest harness and vest clamp for mounting the monitor onto the front or back of a uniform or load-bearing vest is included with a carrying case that holds all plus a two (2) year warranty and thirty (30) day unconditional money-back guarantee. N.T.O.A. member tested and recommended.
Read more on the Patrol PV (Patrol Version) Tactical Pole Camera, from TacView Inc.

See hazards from further away - with your car
With the latest video analytics algorithms, PathFindIR II provides automated detection and alerts of pedestrians and animals, so you can see hazards sooner, react faster, and stay safer on the road than ever before. 
Read more on the PathFindIR II Thermal Night Vision System, from FLIR Systems Inc. 

3D area scanning, user-friendly interface
Based on the advanced ScanStation P20, Leica Geosystems’ ScanStation P15 offers the same high performance 3D scanning technology with high measurement speed and accuracy up to 40 meters (131 feet) at an optimized price point. 
Read more on the ScanStation P15 User-Friendly 3D Laser Scanning, from LEICA GEOSYSTEMS

Need a messenger bag and concealed carry?
The Pro Travel Bag combines the best features found in today’s laptop and messenger bags with quick access to a hidden pistol compartment through a side pouch.  The Tacprogear Universal pistol wheel is included with the Pro Travel Bag.
Read more on the Pro Travel Bag, a Messenger Bag with a Conceled Carry Pouch, from Tacprogear LLC 

Redesigned Dual Carry holster
DeSantis Gunhide introduced 3 new holster availabilities for the #033 Dual Carry II

  • Ruger SR9C/SR40C
  • Ruger LC9
  • Springfield XDs 9mm/.45

Read more on the Dual Carry II Holster , from DeSantis Gunhide

Two New pouches from MAXPEDITION 
12 pouches with three ways to wear
Multi-purpose tool pouch designed for your every day micro-organizational needs. 
Read more on the Tri-Carry (TC) Series Tool Pouches

Secure your small items
Maxpedition's D-Bag adds a small zipper pouch for essentials and a large D-ring for suspending clips / 'biners to any PALS surfaces.
Read more on the D-Bag Small Zipper Pouch

Gold-plated badge
Maxsell Corp. of Coconut Creek offers a new visual means of identification for current and retired law enforcement personnel. The company's beautifully crafted gold-plated H.R. 218 badge delivers instant visual identification for the wearer in any environment and comes with a satisfaction guarantee. 
Read more on the Current and Retired Law Enforcement Gold-Plated H.R. 218 Badge, from Maxsell Corp. 

Barcode tracking for police
Dynamic Systems, Inc. announced a system for tracking assets, inventory, evidence, documents, and equipment. This solution can be used by public safety agencies such as Sheriffs, Police, FBI, CIA, Security, SWAT, and Corrections.
Read more on the Total Track System Barcode Tracking for Law Enforcement, from DYNAMIC SYSTEMS INC - Barcode Tracking Systems

Accuracy from 5 to 1,000 yards
The highly versatile Sightmark Ezekiel 1-10x24 Riflescope offers optical superiority for precision accuracy at 5 to 1,000 yards. Its true 1x provides crystal clear imaging with both eyes open, while the 10x optical system hones in on far-away prey effortlessly.
Read more on the Ezekiel 1-10x24 Riflescope, from Sightmark

Portable bacteria, virus, toxin detection
PathSensors Inc. introduced the portable Zephyr Pathogen Identifier system, which delivers extremely rapid, highly reliable detection of bacteria, virus and toxins in powder and liquid samples in minutes. 
Read more on the Zephyr Pathogen Identifier System - Portable Bacteria, Virus, Toxin Detection, from PathSensors Inc.

Power and functionality for data challenges
Nuix, a technology company that enables people to make fact-based decisions from unstructured data, today released version 5.2 of the Nuix Engine and its core eDiscovery and Investigator products. 
Read more on the Nuix Engine 5.2 , from NUIX

Pistols modeled after short-barreled rifles
In response to customer feedback, CMMG has developed a line of new AR pistols that utilize properties from its sought after line of short-barreled rifles, including the popular RKM7 free float KeyMod hand guards. The resulting product launch includes two models of AR pistols chambered in 9mm and .300 AAC Blackout.
Read more on the AR Pistols - 9mm, .300 AAC Blackout, from CMMG